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Helen Lee was born in Hong Kong and came to the US at the age of 12. From an early age she was trained in the traditional Chinese concepts of value and hard work, as well as in the art of Chinese herbal medicines—a passion that she would soon build upon to launch one of her many international businesses. 

Maintaining a focus to excel in all her activities, Helen graduated from High school in her Junior year with full honors, while working in her family business, and taking command of the sports field as captain of her high school track team, basketball center, and qualifier for state competition in track and field.

By the time Helen was 18, she had managed all aspects of the family restaurant business in New York, from take-out order packer to chef to purchase manager, an early indicator that she had the instincts and the tenacity of a future entrepreneur.

Helen found fashion design intriguing and exciting, so she study marketing and design at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  While studying in New York, she looked for a part time job to earn extra pocket money.  Encouraged by her sister, she interviewed at The Ford Models and was immediately selected by Eileen Ford to be part of the world-renowned Ford Modeling agency.  Soon Helen was named top fashion model and travelled around the world working with top fashion icons such as Chanel, Armani, and Bill Blass.  Even as she worked, Helen was learning about the business of fashion, and identifying potential markets for new products. 

After a few years working with world-renowned designers, she ventured into her first entrepreneurial business, leveraging lessons learned, and successfully designed and producing her own collection of linen shirts that were sold through Saks Fifth Avenue, Barney's, and other specialty boutiques in New York.  The demand from her pilot collection was strong, yet her interest in her high-profile modeling career was equally strong.  So Helen sold her business in order to continue her international modeling career.

At the height of her modeling career, Helen’s skin and health were negatively affected by the modern western lifestyle.  Trying numerous remedies which offered only temporary help, Helen decided to return to her "roots" to rediscover the benefits of Chinese herbal medicine that she had learned in her youth. Knowing that traditional herbal medicines addressed the root of the problem, instead of covering the effect of the problem, Helen was inspired to further advance her knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine.  

Soon she founded the Helen Lee Day Spa in Manhattan through which she sold her unique line of skincare products that combined the benefits of both East and West beauty treatments. The HL spa and products were praised by major media, CNN, New York Times, Vogue and were frequented by top models including Brook Shields. Naomi Campbell, celebrities, and New York City professionals, and Helen was named by Harper’s Bazaar as one of the most talented skincare experts in the country.  She extended the success of her skin care line and Day Spa to the print market by writing and publishing the book “The Tao of Beauty”.  This book bridges East and West beauty philosophies by explaining Chinese wellness philosophy to the West, and translates traditional Chinese theories into a practical health and beauty guide for modern women and men. Her book was also published in German and Portuguese.

In 2009 Helen was approached by a former employee for help to support his small, biofuel-optimized engine for direct-drive and hybrid applications. However, Helen was interested in his predecessor project—a three-wheel vehicle that can be very efficient to benefit our world. He explained that he renounced the vehicle project in 2008 because there were no technological solutions to the engineering challenges associated with producing this concept vehicle for the mass market.   

Helen saw the market opportunity, and was passionate about exploring the possibilities of bringing a cost-effective, fuel efficient three-wheeled vehicle concept to the mass market.  Strongly believing in her vision for this project, Helen took on the challenge to lead a team of designers and developers and applied her savvy business sense, entrepreneurial mentality, and strength to the project. Thus, Helix Motors International was born in 2010.



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